WD Group was established in early 2012 and operates in highly equipped and intefrated production facilities thanks to the cutting edge production know-hows that WD approach using state of art machines and professional R&D, Architectures and interior design team.

WD GROUP operate a wide range of production lines and facilities such as Panelling furniture, Solid Wood furniture, Doors, Upholstery furniture, Metal works, painting and coating works, Thanks to our professionual selected man power with adopted production system in additions to other production facilities which include 15000 square meter production Area, and 5000 SQM warehousing area and our project management team, WD group has a comparative advantage enable us to perform all type of FF&E project efficiently and competitive costs.

We are in WD appruach an expansion strategy based of horizontal and vertical directions to expand our production facilities lines by developing macginery equipment contiguously and adding new and high technology production lines.

Our production facilities include three factories with a monthly bedroom production capacity of 1200 sets, and 1600 different types of soft furniture such as sofas and armchairs.


In addition, the mattress production capacity reaches 10,000 pieces per month. Our strategy of being an Organized structure that connects with the producer between the customer and market restructuring in the MENA Region is to offer a product and service that can ensure customer satisfaction.

Service acd are other supportive services, including Design, Planning and Innocence, to efficiently provide our customers and quality products to be reliable and loyal to all our customers.